Pediatric Dentistry


Your child’s early experiences at the dentist can help shape the future of his or her oral health

If you’re looking for a caring, compassionate dentist in Scarborough, ON who caters to children, look no further than Dr. Ron Richardson & Associates. We’re pleased to offer comprehensive pediatric dentistry services in a warm, comfortable office setting.

A Focus on Patient Education

At Dr. Ron Richardson & Associates, we believe that a big part of children’s dentistry is teaching patients how to properly care for their teeth. We also understand that teaching good dental health habits to kids takes patience and a gentle approach. Many children learn their most important oral health habits by visiting our practice, including:

  • Brushing and diet counseling
  • Flossing
  • How to avoid tooth decay
  • How to maintain healthy gums

But good pediatric dentistry is about more than just teaching kids about proper oral care. Our team of dedicated dental professionals goes the extra mile to provide thorough, gentle treatment when our patients need it the most. To learn more about our pediatric dentistry services or to schedule an appointment at our Scarborough clinic, call 416-284-9994 today.


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