18 Jul 2016

Making Sure You Have a Kid-Friendly Dentist

If you have kids, you need a kid friendly dentist who will put your kids at ease and reduce their anxiety. Notably, not every dental practitioner has the warmth and ability to handle your child. The dentist might have all the technical qualifications, but handling children requires a Kid friendly personality. Kids can be scared and insecure since they do not know what to expect on their visit. When you are searching for your child’s dentist, look for the following features.

Loves Kids

The truth of the matter is some people do not like kids. Therefore, you should not be surprised to learn that not all dentists love kids either. When looking for a dentist, ensure that the practitioner has a genuine love and concern for children. A practitioner who loves children can attend to them in an understanding way. Your child will be the best judge. If they are happy, you have a great kid’s dentist.


Your kid friendly dentist should be patient. Each child is different and these differences should be celebrated by the entire dental team. Look for a happy energy from the dentist, assistant and hygienist that flows to your child. When the child is happy, the level of patient cooperation increases and the net result is better oral health. Better oral health will last the patient a lifetime. What a great gift !!!! In addition, the dentist should patiently explain the procedures to the child before treatment to allow for any questions. Kids are smart and will be happier if they are involved in the treatment.


When anyone goes to the dentists, they can be apprehensive. Find a kind and approachable dentist with a happy disposition that will share their positive attitudes towards health. Look for drawing or other art gifts given to the dentist. This shows a great relationship between patient and dentist.

Has a Welcoming Office

As discussed before, look at how you and your child are greeted. Are the patients leaving the office happy. How did the staff say goodbye to the previous patient and how are you and your child welcomed. Look for a sparkle in the staff’s eyes when they see your child. A genuine caring person is easy to recognize. At Dr. Ron Richardson and Associates in Scarborough, we endeavor to fulfill all of these characteristics into a happy environment that will give your child the tools to have a positive attitude towards their dental health.