My team has grown accustomed to being a part of a family that listens to the patient and works to deliver a positive experience in a warm and caring environment.

I purchased my practice in 1986 and decided that I wanted to make a country practice in the city. I was then lucky enough to attract staff that were from small towns themselves. I used to say that my practice was like “The Hotel California”… Once you came, you could never leave…

Well, the staff came, and they never left. I actually wonder if we will all have to go to the Retirement Home together and treat our patients there.

We have grown, changed, had children, put in computers, Digital X-rays, replaced our chemical sterilizer with a Steam Sterilizer to reduce chemicals in the office, removed all Latex, upgraded equipment, went to educational conventions and kept on growing.

We are now in the enviable position of working decent hours, having fun and being proud of the Dentistry that we create.

— Dr. Ron Richardson

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